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Here’s My Story

Our Business was founded in 2010, when the owner, Rev. Gerard G. Repko was finally able to quit smoking “analog” cigarettes.

After smoking for thirty five years, I tried everything on the market to quit, including the plethora of over-the-counter solutions as well as every prescription available.

After dragging my feet, and with the encouragement of my wife, not to mention the doctor's constant reminder of how bad my lungs sounded, I decided to give an E-smoke a try.

My first experience was with a cheap knockoff of a knock off :), but it gave me hope.

I then scoured the internet for as much information on the subject as I could find.

After much investigation I decided to buy my first Joye 510. My craving was instantly satiated. I decided right then and there that I was no longer a smoker.

After listening to my lungs at my next scheduled Doctors Visit, my Doc asked me, “Who are you?!!” I laughed, and not a single wheeze or cough came with that laugh. Well, I haven’t gone back since. (to smoking I mean ) :)

This is my own personal story. It is not intended to imply that E-smokes, or any other personal vaporizers are a cure for smoking. Nor does it imply that electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers will cure or reverse any medical issues that you may have. Moreover, it is not intended to influence the reader's decision to buy my products. It is what it is; A real life smoker's story that I am glad to say is mine.


Shop with confidence with us. We are a registered supplier with the ECF. As such we are held to a higher industry standard.

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